Creative Instructional Strategies for E-groups

BOREDOM has been the death of many small groups.  Variety and passion are the small group leader's best tools for combating boredom.  Here is a very short list of creative instructional strategies for us in E-groups that may save you, and... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Strategies for leading a successful E-Group

E-groups are a terrific way to educate people where they are, online, while fostering a deeper sense of connection and Christian community in your church.  If you are planning to start one at your own church, check out my top ten... Continue Reading →

Fostering Community Online: The Community of Inquiry

A good online small group causes you to forget that you aren't meeting face to face. Unfortunately, good online small groups are hard to find.  Too often, their is a lack of meaningful connection among group members, causing group members... Continue Reading →

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